Take 1 tsp student, 1 tsp powerlifter, 2 tsps  geek and 3 tsps food enthusiast, mix the ingredients, and you get Harjeet Kaur Gill: an ambitious student in the Food, Nutrition, and Health Transfer program at Langara College. She is looking to complete her Degree in Dietetics at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and practice in Sports Nutrition.

Harjeet loves eating and even more so when it is the food she makes. Regardless of circumstance, Harjeet ensures the food she consumes is homemade, which lets her sate her taco cravings at two in the morning! Harjeet’s passion for food has moved her from being a  casual cook to being self-diagnosed with OCD: Obsessive Cooking Disorder.

As a visual and creative thinker, Harjeet thrives in activities that give her the opportunity to experiment and create. She also enjoys powerlifting, video gaming, and volunteering. She is the ultimate Batman fan – seriously, she is having an Indian  Batman/Catwoman wedding and even has a custom-made Batman wedding ring!

Last but not least, she is a grocery shopaholic. She is the type who goes up and down every aisle, hunting for the newest additions to the shelves and takes joy in reading the labels.

Fun facts aside, Harjeet believes that food is medicine before anything else. The reason? As a type 1 diabetic from the age of three, she has first-hand experienced the delicate relationship that exists between food, the body and the mind.

Helping others feels good. Dietetics is about food, but in practice it is helping peoplethrough problem solving. Harjeet’s goal as a dietician is to help people with their health and wellbeing by creating positive relationships with food.

When she heard about Stargold’s Recipe  Contest, it sparked Harjeet’s interest from a culinary perspective, but even more so from a human perspective; it was not about winning a contest, it was about the possibility of providing a solution for the children in Gabon.

Congratulations once again, Harjeet! We, at Stargold Nutrition Foundation, are very excited to have your recipe be part of our journey!

Harjeet won $1000 and a pair of tickets to Stargold’s Bollywood-Themed Fundraising Gala. She has generously donated the $1000 back to the foundation.

Click this link to view our video recording of the Announcement of the Winner, which was live streamed on June 15th, 2020 at Vikram Vij’s My Shanti Restaurant.


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