Stargold’s Nutrition Foundation

Executive Summary

Stargold’s Nutrition Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation* that serves families in Africa, specifically in Gabon. Our goal is to relieve poverty by operating a kitchen that prepares and distributes convenient yet nutrient-dense pancakes to children. We are committed to creating a sustainable supply chain so that the community can become self-sustaining. We believe in engaging local farmers to grow high quality crops** indigenous to the country for the pancakes we will produce and also in creating jobs for local men and women to prepare and deliver the pancakes.

At the heart of our Foundation are dietitians and dietetics students who are dedicated to advancing nutritional knowledge and improving nutritional status. We have formulated a nutritious yet tasty pancake recipe for our kitchen in Gabon!

We have also published four children’s books about the importance of nutrition and donated them to Gabonese schools. Books are available for purchase here. All proceeds will go to this foundation.

Our efforts are also directed to improve the ability of families in Africa, namely Gabon, to care for children and achieve goals of self-sufficiency. Our work is starting as a small and local investment that we hope will eventually grow to have a larger global impact.

*charity status application in process

**beans, which are high in protein and iron


Our Mission

Our mission at Stargold’s Nutrition Foundation is to mobilize the power of people who want to make a difference in creating a better life for children living in poverty through nutrition and nutrition education.

Our Values


“We always act with integrity and in good faith.”


“We will speak up for injustices against other humans.”


“We will drive sustainability in all our work.”


“We can only be successful by working together.”

Our Objectives


To set up a kitchen in Africa, specifically in Gabon, that will be managed and staffed by Gabonese people; they will cook and distribute nutritious pancakes to vulnerable children


With the help of Canadian dietitians and chefs, to formulate nutritious yet tasty recipes for the pancakes the Foundation will serve


To empower local farmers to grow indigenous crops (beans) required for our meals


To help parents and teachers to educate children on nutrition basics


To engage the support of volunteers who will be integral to carrying out our work

Our Partners